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Conservation at the Florida Botanical Gardens

Aquatic Habitat

Of our 120 acre site, only 30 acres are under cultivation. The remaining 90 acres feature some of Pinellas County's rarest natural habitat types. Here, we care for scrub and sandhill communities; these ecosystems have nearly disappeared across the state.

These habitats support unique plant and animal species. Read more below about our Natural Area and the efforts we have taken to restore areas that had degraded over time due to human activities (fire supression and agriculture).


Restoring a Habitat

Our Natural Area features twenty interpretive panels which were produced thanks to a grant from the Pinellas County Environmental Fund.

These panels have been situated along the loop trail subtly so as not to distract from the surroundings.

Select a link below to view more of our interrpretive panels about the various plants, wildlife, habitats and techniques we employed to restore the Natural Area.




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