Florida Botanical Gardens


  A Day in the Garden - Day Planner  

Allow this handy, hour-by hour guide
to help organize an exciting visit full of possibility.

Map and Driving Directions

With over 30 acres of cultivated gardens to explore, be sure to plan your visit accordingly. We suggest you allow 2 hours to fully explore the Gardens and take in all that Mother Nature has in store for you.

Given the scope of available adventures that await you during your visit, let us help you in organizing your day:

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Also view our Demonstrations Gardens

arrow Welcome CenterStop by at the Welcome Center and collect informational brochures, self-guided tours and learn more about the Pinellas County Extension
(closed on weekends)
arrow Pond & BridgeSimply stroll through the gardens starting with the pond and bridge in the parking lot. This retention pond helps filter runoff water before it is returned to McKay Creek. In the pond you will see a variety of submerged plants and the banks are planted with a mixture of natives and exotics suitable for the site. Clearly the wildlife enjoys our efforts.
arrow BridgeContinue to the boardwalk bridge which will take you across McKay Creek to the Formal Gardens. Pause to look for more wild animals which are attracted to this meandering creek. Osprey, hawks, various wading birds, turtles and alligators call this creek home.
arrow Wedding GardenOnce in the Formal Gardens, you may wish to explore the many fascinating areas we have created here. The are four individual gardens - the jazz garden, rose garden, topiary garden and cottage garden, surrounded by white-flowering plants and a magnificent gazebo.
arrow Tropical PathExiting the Wedding Garden from the east, you will find yourself in the shady and exotic Tropical Walk. Here you will find a collection of colorful and fascinating plants suited to our sultry climate. Date palms, tapioca, ginger and bromeliads are among the delights to be discovered here.
arrow Tropical WalkThe Tropical Walk will lead you to the Tropical Courtyard. Here you may wish to relax in the Tropical Pavilion, or admire the beautiful containers planted with many fragrant plants. Go on, have a sniff!
arrow Palm GardenAcross the Plaza visit the Palm Garden, where our collection of this interesting group of plants are well laid-out for individual attention. Palms are among the most economically important plants in the world, providing food, fiber, building materials and oils, among to help keep the world’s economies running. Sadly many palms are now endangered, being over-harvested or losing habitat. Take time to admire these beautiful and important trees.
arrow Beach-themed  areaThe beach-themed picnic tables in this garden might be the perfect spot to pause and eat your picnic lunch. See what you can re-use, recycle or compost from your snack! Try to have a “waste-free” experience—for the good of the Planet.
arrow McKay CreekLeaving the Formal Gardens head north along McKay Creek to the northernmost of our three bridges. Here you will cross into the Demonstration Gardens, the first of which will be the Retention Pond Demonstration Area on your right. Stroll along the perimeter of this wildlife haven, but be alert for alligators, and please keep a respectful distance from all wildlife.
arrow Retention Pond This retention pond acts as a filter for the water rushing off the large parking lot next door. From this pond the water will enter McKay creek which runs from Walsingham Reservoir to the south to Taylor Lake to the north. From there the creek turns west and empties into the inter-coastal waterway and finally the Gulf of Mexico.
arrow Tropical FruitThe next Garden you will come to is the Tropical Fruit Demonstration Area, where you will discover pineapple, guava, papaya, mango, citrus, and over 20 varieties of banana. Take time to enjoy this shady garden and see what other familiar fruits and foods you can find.
arrow Herb GardenYou will next arrive at the extensive Herb Garden Demonstration Area, home for a vast collection of plants with historical significance. Some of these fragrant treasures have been used for medicine, some as flavorings and some in magic and ritual! As you walk these brick paths, take note of all the fragrances lingering in the air.
arrow Patio GardenThe Patio Garden with its small pond, fountain, gazebo and charming plantings may give you some ideas for sprucing up your own yard. All the plants were chosen to be appropriate for the site, and require only a minimum of irrigation and maintenance.
arrow Gift Shop - Hight Resolution photo not availableNow you will be back at the Welcome Center and you will want to explore the delights on offer at the Gift Shop.
The Gift shop is open
Monday Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Telephone (727) 582-2205

If your schedule allows you may wish to cross the parking lot to Heritage Village. Here you will find a fascinating collection of historical buildings lovingly restored to their original condition with fascinating interpretation including a host of knowledgeable docents to help you understand the buildings you enjoy.