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Demonstration Gardens
Patio Garden – This home garden demonstrates a creative way of displaying plants and landscape features. All the senses are catered for, with a gently gurgling waterfall, scented flowers, colorful foliage, and a relaxing, shaded gazebo.

Patio Garden

Herb Garden – Lovingly cared for, this intimate garden delights visitors with scents, colors and fascinating stories about the long history of human’s relationship with medicinal, culinary and ceremonial plants.
Herb Garden
Tropical Fruit Garden – Stand amongst the towering trunks of over a dozen different varieties of banana and plantain. Discover how a pineapple grows and find the source of sugar. Citrus, mango, papaya, and other exotic fruits are here for all to enjoy.
Custard Apple
Native Plants Garden – A collection of Florida natives, demonstrating the broad palette of plants suitable for the home landscape. Wildflowers, groundcovers, trees and shrubs, each with a unique season of interest, here mingle in colorful harmony.
Seasonal Plantings Display Area – Bedding plant trials create a colorful display for many months of the year.
Annual Bedding Demonstration Area
Succulent Garden – Many plants have adaptations for life in dry climates. Come admire the many beautiful and strange plants from all around the world, cleverly displayed in a small garden space.
Succulent Garden
Butterfly Garden – Visit our newest garden devoted to these lovely insects, located in front of the Welcome Center. Take time to admire the whimsical sculptures and mosaic stepping stones crafted by our own volunteers!
Butterfly Garden
Bromeliad Garden – This fantastic collection of “air plants” display all the colors of the rainbow. Most come from shady places, so this garden is a delightful retreat during the summer months.
Bromeliad Garden
Palm Garden - Palms are among the most economically important plants in the world, providing food, fiber, building materials and oils, which help keep the world’s economies running.
Palm Pavilion
gardient bar
Formal Gardens
Wedding Garden – This elegant walled garden has been the stage for several hundred happy events during its history.
Wedding Garden
Tropical Walk – Take a relaxing stroll through the shaded tropical walk. Here, bold foliage and bright colors combine to create a taste of the tropics.
Tropical Walk
Tropical Courtyard – Pause here to enjoy the scented plants that occupy the many planters throughout the courtyard. Sit and rock under the ceiling fans, or enjoy a picnic lunch on the tables provided.
Tropcial Courtyard
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Natural Areas
Aquatic Habitat Demonstration Area – This retention pond demonstrates how important water is to wildlife. Planted exclusively with Florida native plants, there is plenty of shelter and food available to a wide variety of animals.
Aquatic Habitat Demonstration Area
Natural Area - We are carefully restoring 60 acres on our site that have been used for agriculture and as a home site for over 50 years. Using a variety of land management techniques, we are already beginning to see a wonderful diversity of plant and animal life on this once overgrown site. <More>
Natural Area