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 Master Gardener Program 

Master Gardeners Help Our Garden Grow

Master Gardener LogoThe Pinellas County Extension Master Gardeners are a vital partner with the Florida Botanical Gardens.

Master Gardeners help with our landscape maintenance efforts as well as providing financial resources for the Gardens’ development.

The Master Gardeners of Pinellas County have played an important role in the development of the teaching landscape that surrounds the Pinellas County Extension facility. Under the leadership of staff horticulturist, the Master Gardeners propagate plants, weed, prune, mulch and tenderly care for the demonstration areas that make up The Florida Botanical Gardens.

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Master Gardener
Master Gardeners as a Tour Guide
Master Gardener Master Gardenre Class

Their annual Plant Sales are a great source of inexpensive plants for your home landscape. Most of the plants in the sale have been propagated by this industrious crew of volunteers here at the Garden.

Plant Sale Plant Sale
Plant Sale Plant Sale
Plant Sale Plant Sale


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