Florida Botanical Gardens



NineryIn early 2012 the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation partnered with the Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources Department to expand the Botanical Gardens by about 8,000 sq feet with a new Vinery.

A 239-foot fence was installed as a backdrop and aluminum Hubble trellises – unique three-dimensional designs that turn vines into trees - were added. County staff also constructed a number of small trellises made of vinyl lattice. We also were able to install an 18-foot cement circle connecting the Vinery, the Palm Garden and the Memorial Walkway.

PlantsAfter the logistics were taken care of came the fun part – choosing the types of vines to populate our Vinery. We have begun with Alamanda, Mandavilla, Passion Flower, Dutchman’s pipe vine, jasmine, Cape Honeysuckle, Thunbergia, Bleeding Heart, Orchid vine and my favorite, the Gold Finger plant. Many more will be purchased this summer, with a grand opening of our spectacular new Vinery in the late fall.

Currently the Vinery ends by a beautiful pond surrounded by native plants. The pond abuts our P2000 Natural area. We are looking at the possibility of extending the boardwalk through the natural area and adding a Children’s Trail stop in the Vinery.

In addition to all the work creating our Vinery, there has been a concentrated effort, under the direction of County crew chief, to bring new and unusual trees to the Gardens. We expanded the area around the pond at the end of the Tropical Walk and planted a Royal Poinciana, a Yellow Poinciana and an Orange Geiger next to our Orchid Tree. They’re looking very happy in their new home.

We didn’t stop there. After removing several old and overgrown ‘Awabuki’ Viburnums, we planted a Yellow Geiger, a White Geiger, a Bridal Veil, a Vera Tree, a Milky Way, a Joy Perfume and an Ylang-Ylang. We also found a special place for a beautiful Florida mahogany and a Satinleaf Tree.

We are proud to say that all the trees are new to the Garden and many were paid for with funds from our Tree Bank. For those of you who don’t know, the Tree Bank was created by the Foundation many years ago to raise funds to purchase new and unusual trees and plants.






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