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  Wildlife & Habitats  

Wildlife & Natural Habitats

McKay CreekLearn about the 90 acres of wetland, pine flatwoods, oak forest and critically endangered scrubland that we manage, right here on site!

As responsible keepers of our fragile planet, the Garden has set aside large areas to allow the natural world to enjoy its existence.  Several retention ponds help filter the run-off from paved areas before it enters McKay Creek.  These ponds have become havens for wildlife.

Approximately 60 acres on the east side of the Gardens have been set aside as our Natural Area.  The southern 30 acres is currently being restored to a more wild area after a century of human disturbance.

Over 150 types of bird, mammals, and reptiles have been documented on site. Several endangered or threatened species including Bald Eagles, Gopher tortoises and Sherman Fox squirrels make their home here. There are also a number of threatened or endangered plants found on site.

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List of some of the wildlife you might see in the Gardens
 Raccoon - Photo: Jeanne Murphy
American Bald Eagle
Alligator - 5 days old - Photo: Jeanne Murphy
Great Egret
Gopher Tortoise - no high resolution of this photo
Armadillo - Young
Roseate Spoonbill
Softshell Turtle Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Red-belled Woodpecker
Tree Frog
Wood Duck
Screech Owl - no high resolution of this photo
Red Rat Snake
Brazilian Free-tailed Bat
Great Blue Heron
Dragon Fly Monarch Butterfly Osprey with Mackerel
Lady Bug - no high resolution of this picture Zebra Longwinged Butterfly Anhinga - Male